White’s Beach

White’s Beach Town Park

White’s Beach is a town beach along West Shore Rd. At the park there is a volleyball court, a grassy area with picnic tables, & a swimming area. The view to the south of the lake & Adirondacks is one of the best in the Islands!

Since the redo of this beautiful but small Town Park 5 years ago, its increased popularity has necessitated some restrictions in order to facilitate enjoyable use by townspeople in the summer (Memorial Day weekend through Sept 30).

Vehicle parking is limited to residents with a parking sticker visible on the dashboard, whih can be purchased at the Town Office by South Hero residents for $5, with a limited number of stickers available to non-residents for $45. There is no restriction to use of the Park by bicyclists, runners, walkers. To purchase a permit sticker, call the Town Office at 372-5552.

Kids who visit the beach fairly regularly & are interested in keeping our beach clean can join the White’s Beach Crew & receive a free tote bag with gloves & trash bags!

Every year in late August we hold the annual Kids’ Tryathlon at White’s Beach.