March Meeting Minutes

March Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 21, ** 7:00 PM Town Office

In attendance: David Hobbs, Tom Chagnon, Mike Wickenden
and Erin Morse

A) Review of January minutes – approved

B) Public Input: none

C) Treasurer’s Report – since Jan received $80 for swim, $7,329
for ski which we pay smuggs
Expenses – no bills from Smuggs yet, $10,405 (swim program
and other misc expenses including volleyball nets)
Budget 12k
about 2k balance ($500 R & R camp)

D) New Business

  1. Whites Beach
    a. Status of new ordinance: seems to be all set and in
    agreement with our recommendation.
    b.Dave to ask about getting stickers for this year and a
    separate mailing for sending them out with a letter explaining
    the new ordinance
    c. Signage review to be done by Erin & Dave. Will make
    recommendation to select board
    examples: No parking without a sticker, What’s allowed
    and not allowed
    e. Tom asked who would be paying for signs. We agreed it
    should probably not come out of our budget. Same with
    f. 2 port o potty’s to be ordered
  2. Franklin Grand Isle Regional Recreation Collaborative
    meeting: Wednesday 4/10/19 from 5:30-7:00, South Hero
    Topic — Community Gardens – Dave will be attending, anyone
  3. Youth Ski Program report – Mike reported it was a good
    season. Good weather. Liese Regan is heading the program.
  4. Publicity – How to spread the word
    a) Rec web site
    i) list of eligible activities – all rec sponsored or Island day
    ii) Note to FPF and Islander regarding web site – Dave is
    going to learn how to edit from Mike.
    iii) Dave will be inviting Keagan, Library Director, to a
    meeting so we can discuss their activities and the
    possibility of creating a community calendar. It would also
    be beneficial to understand the programming at the new
    library as this will reinforce the need for the trail from
    Folsom to library.

E) Other Business

Swim program dates set – 7/8 – is 7/19, 7/22- 8/2, 8/5-8/16
Mike will contact YMCA to set up

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