January Meeting Minutes

January Meeting Minutes

SH Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2019, 6:00pm

Present: Dave, Karin, Carol, Linda

  1. Review of November meeting minutes – approved.
  2. Public input: none
  3. Treasurer’s report: To be discussed next meeting.
  4. Ice skating – Rec Park likely frozen; Dave will contact athletic director at Folsom to see if they might shovel it off.
  5. Youth Ski Program – $30 per child per visit, $20 if child has equipment. Mike will ask about a form for requesting scholarship in future and investigate how much has been requested for scholarship for this year.
  6. Hero’s welcome/North Hero winter party – 2/15/19 see here for info https://greaticevt.org/
  7. Publicity – How to spread the word about rec activities and scholarships? Mike will add to the Rec web site, including list of eligible activities – all rec sponsored or Island day camps. Mike will also send note to FPF and Islander.
  8. Franklin-Grand ISle Regional Recreation meeting: Wednesday 1/23/19, 5:30-7pm. Dave will attend and report back.
  9. White’s Beach – discussion deferred. Possible need for second port-o-potty – all agreed and opted for a handicapped accessible version.
  10. Youth basketball – program going very well; 3rd and 4th grade. Uniforms look great. Mike has bill for referees.
  11. Route 2 painting – on the back burner. Dave will include this in next communication with Joe Flynn regarding light.

Next meeting: Thursday, March 21, 7:15pm

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