October Meeting Minutes

October Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – South Hero Recreation Commission

October 18, 2018, 7:00pm Town Office

Present: Dave, Carol, Karin, Guy Maguire, Erin, Jerry Robinson

1) Review of August meeting minutes: (Please review along with these minutes – kla 10/23/18).

2) Public Input – Guy on the Music Wall: Proposal by the SHLT, part of a LCBP grant, and a collaboration with Folsom’s music teacher. A music wall is proposed as an enhancement to the Recreation Park trail at SHRP/Folsom school in order to raise awareness and use of the trail. A series of educational/interactive stations is included in the LCBP grant to encourage outdoor learning and appreciation. Some stations are temporary (seasonal). The music wall would be more permanent. Dave proposed repurposing the shelters at the pond area. All present approved but noted that consideration of noise level to neighbors might be included in site location. The NW corner or partway along the path seemed good locations to the group, but agreed to let the teachers decide final location. Guy proposed holding a grand opening gathering the first weekend of hunting season but the group felt this was not a good idea and offered Trunk or Treat night as an alternative.

3) Treasurer’s Report – deferred.

4) White’s Beach and Parking Ordinance Review – see attached revised ordinance. Revised Ordinance will be presented to the Selectboard after town meeting in March. Jerry made additional suggestions for future consideration and will email those to Karin/Committee.

*Items that are not addressed in proposed ordinance:

   boats on the beach(from moored boats)

   portolet use by non residents

   use of beach by kiters, sailboarders, bikers, kayakers,canoes,

   is there a curfew?

   Beach patrol – in uniform?   cost?   training?

   Placards – suggested that they be large; how does one get an extra?

   Review group – group identified to visualize the implementation of the ordinance.

   will there be periodic water testing?

   Who does a citizen call regarding a significant violation of the ordinance?

   How and when will the ordinance be disseminated to the puiblic?

5) Dave reported out on the Franklin-Grand Isle Recreation Collaborative meeting.

Next Meeting: November 15, 2018 7:00 pm at the Town Office.

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