November Meeting Minutes

November Meeting Minutes

Recreation commission minutes, 11/15/18

In attendance: David Hobbs, Tom Chagnon, Erin Morse, Karin Ames, Linda Burger and
Mike Wickenden

  1. Minutes passed from last meeting
  2. Public Input: Youth Basketball – Dylan Degree requested funding for 3/4 basketball.
    He coached last year. 18 kids signed up so far. 10 games scheduled. Wants to
    update uniforms. They are old and he doesnʼt have enough. Kevin Smith can do
    them for $500. Also needs funding for referees. Goes smoother with paid refs. $250
    for refs. $750 for the entire season. Karen suggested asking PTO for funding for
    jerseys. Dylan also asked that the program be a part of the recreation commission.
    We agreed to pay $750 and the PTO will be contacted to see if they want to
    contribute. We also asked if Dylan could come to us sooner with #ʼs and if there is a
    need for a separate girls team. He will be buying the jerseys and submit for
  3. Treasurers Report – not available. Will get caught up next time.
  4. 2019-2020 Budget – Karen asked that Whiteʼs beach wording to be changed which
    we all agreed. Add line item for basketball program $1,200 and Stipend for coaches
  • soccer $800 coach and $400 assistant, and basketball $800 coach.

Next meeting 12/20, 7:30 pm @ town office

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