May Meeting Minutes

May Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – South Hero Recreation Commission

May 17, 2018, 7:00 pm Town Office

Present: Dave, Karin, Erin, Tom, Stefan

Public Input: Brian Costello

1) Public Input: Brian advocated for development of Keeler Bay Park as a “pocket park” – a place to gain public access, an historical site suitable for placement of educational signage, and a great place to picnic with lovely views of Mt. Mansfield. Brian has worked with Jay Buermann to generate a map. The next step would be to hire a wetlands/transportation engineer to delineate the wetlands areas and design access and parking areas. The commission agreed to consider funding in next year’s budget.

2) Treasurer’s report – Dave will ask Mike to provide a summary and share with commission via email. All agreed to fund scholarship proposals made below as funds are available, and if there is any excess to increase the amount spent for scholarships (see below).

3) New Business

A) Memorial Recreational Fund – Don Peach, a former recreational commission member, has offered to establish a fund to fund projects outside of the working budget of the commission. Stefan will digitize Don’s proposal letter and share with all. All agreed to respond with comments via email.

B) Subsidized State Park Passes – Erin shared the purpose: to offer opportunities to access state parks for those who are not able to afford entrance fees. There is a library pass available, but scheduling and planning requirements are seen as a barrier. All agreed to fund a pilot program of ten 10-punch passes at $30 each, $300 total. Erin will buy the passes and coordinate with CIDER and Folsom school to solicit names of potential users. If more than ten names are promoted, ten will be randomly chosen. TBD: strategy for evaluating usage and effectiveness of program.

C) Bike for the Lake event, 6/16/18 – Port-o-let at White’s Beach should be sufficient to handle the number of riders spread out over the time the event will take place.

D) Swim Buoys Party – Tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 2nd. Stefan will lead.

E) Strategy for approaching VT Fish & Wildlife about improving the surface of the Roy Marsh Trail – John Roy, Dave, and Neal Blanchard will meet with the state to consider options for improving surface. John Roy is coordinating the meeting date. Options could include: 1) Remove RR ties, fill evenly; or 2) Fill RR ties in place, fill to even out. Both options include improving the one wet spot. Erin will go with Dave to the Selectboard to request a member from the board attend as well.

4) Older Business

A) Signs

i. White’s Beach – ordered, received and will be installed soon.

ii. Roy Marsh Trail – ordered, not yet received.

iii. Local Motion signage at Roy Marsh trailheads – Brian C. is working on this. No immediate urgency as bike ferry/causeway is closed for the year due to storm damage.

B) County wide recreation programs

i. Scholarships for SH children to attend programs in other towns – all agreed to spend $300 for this. TBD: How to make this available and decide who gets a scholarship.

ii. R&R camp – all agreed to spend $500 on scholarships. R&R camp distributes the money according to need.

iii. County wide calendar – Dave, Stefan and Mike to work on together.

C) Swim Program – Erin asked about advertising. Mike usually does this. Dave will check in with Mike.

D) Rte 2/South St crossing – Under discussion with state for permission.

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