February Meeting Minutes

February Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2018, 7pm, Town Office

Present: Dave Hobbs, Tom Chagnon, Mike Wickenden, Erin Morse, Karin Ames

1) November Meeting Minutes: Reviewed and approved.

2) Public Input: None

3) Treasurer’s Report: We have about $3000-4000 still left in the budget for this year. Expenditures still to be made:
A) Signs for current trails/parks: Erin will take the lead for trails signs; Tom will take the lead for White’s Beach signs.
Ideas for style, construction and design include GMC, State Parks (examples can be locally found at Niquette Bay), Emily Alger at SHLT (Landon Farm Trail as an example), and Broan Costello at Local Motion.
Locations to be prioritized for better signage: Roy Marsh Trail, Round Pond, SH Recreation Park at the school, Keeler Bay Town Park. Per follow-up email from Dave on 2/16/18: “The guy from the State who approved of the short connector trail between Landon Trails and Round Pond State Park, Rob Peterson (robert.peterson@vermont.gov) might have some ideas also. That park is also under the perview of several Land Trusts including the Lake Champlain Land Trust and South Hero Land Trust.”
White’s Beach: Per email from Dave on 2/16/18: “The Selectboard approved of something like this, to be installed in April:
2 larger signs… one at each end on the roadside:
White’s Beach Town Park
for the exclusive use of
Residents of South Hero and their Guests only
2 red signs flanking the beach access on the northwest side of the town beach:
Emergency Rescue Access Only
No Parking Between Signs
B) Leveling of Roy Marsh Trail: Dave will coordinate in late spring/early summer.

4) New business:
A) Upper field at the SH Recreation Park – Mike, Dave and Andrew (Folsom PE teacher) met to discuss creation of small new playing field. Town will brush hog and prepare for mowing afterwards. Some leveling improvements may need to be made to improve mowing.
B) Recreation Park Ice Pond – Low use due to weather conditions.
C) Advertising recreational programs, including all within the county
Coordinate with NH
Island Informational Magazine
SHRC – Calendar on website – Mike will maintain. All to send info to Mike via email.
Mike will contact YMCA for dates for swim program.
5) Old Business:
A) Roy Marsh Trail maintenance – Dave is in discussion with Neal Blanchard to lead maintenance. Trail is being used by snowmobiles. Discussion of how to address – conclusion: not a priority at this time.
B) Trail Network Committee – Active meetings once per month. Maps, vision statement, planning grants are all being pursued.
C) Pedestrian Bike marking emphasis of crossing at Rte 2 – Mike is working on.
D) Youth Basketball – ongoing
E) Ski & Ride – ongoing. Mike shared that families drove grades 1-4 kids to ski on school snow day; grades 5-8 program cancelled as that is a school sponsored, not recreation program.
6) Other Business: Erin raised the question of whether access points to trails might be plowed. Dave will contact John Beaulac to arrange.

Agenda items for next meeting: Signs discussion and updates for both White’s Beach and trails.

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