August Meeting Minutes

August Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – South Hero Recreation Commission

August 16, 2018, 7:00pm White’s Beach

Present: Dave, Carol, Karin, Erin, Linda Burger, Jerry Robinson, Joe Frank

1) Review of July meeting minutes: All approved.

2) Public Input: Jerry reported on the Selectboard meeting discussion of White’s Beach. Unanimous agreement in support of a Town Ordinance for the use of a “sticker system” to limit access to the beach. Sheriff Allen was present and agreed to enforce such a policy. Jonathan suggested using off duty officers on Sundays as needed. Discussion of the wording of the ordinance resulted in the following:

Town ordinance

Parking in the White’s Beach area from Hall road to Lakeview road is restricted to only those motor vehicles with authorization placards visible through the front windshield. The placards will be mailed to each Town Residence by the Town Clerk. An additional limited preestablished number of placards may be distributed by the Town Clerk for a fee. Citations will be issued by law enforcement. Penalty for violation will be $50 after a preliminary warning free of fines.

Additional rules which will be posted and result in expulsion from the park if violated;

No smoking

No dogs after 10 AM

Carry In / Carry Out

No firearms

No glass

No overnight camping

Other suggestions for the Selectboard to consider:

Hire an officer from the Sheriff’s office for part-time enforcement on those summer Sundays and Holidays with predicted higher volumes and potential overcrowding.

(Also, via Dave’s follow-up email of 8/17/18) Appoint Jerry Robinson as volunteer monitor to assess the success of this ordinance.

3) Other Business

a) Tryathlon 2018 – Karin has snacks, water, tee shirts and forms. Dave has race equipment and has alerted Sheriff Allen. Julie put out the word to Folsom middle school students for help in exchange for community service hours. Notice has been put in Islander and on FPF in SH, GI and NH. Andy Julow has been sharing in his circle of runners. Posters are located around town.

b) Fall soccer – South Hero is organizing this year, Tristan Hobbs and Stacy Watson lead the effort.

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