October Meeting Minutes

October Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2017, 7pm, Town Office

Present: Dave Hobbs, Tom Chagnon, Mike Wickenden, Carol Tremble, Stefan Bumbeck, Karin Ames

Community Member: Jerry Robinson

1) September Meeting Minutes: Reviewed and approved.

2) Public Input: Jerry Robinson brought up concerns about White’s Beach.

Question: To what degree can we maintain control of the beach for the citizens of South Hero?

Suggestion: State (via signage, Front Porch Forum, town web site, etc.): “White’s Beach is for the exclusive use of South Hero town residents”

Points for the commission to consider:

1. New road result: Speed has increased. Use seasonal speed bumps? The new road has presented new safety hazards.

2. Boats: Boaters up on beach, using port-o-let.

3. Parties: Jerry saw three parties, two from Milton (he asked) who used the barbeques.

4. Bike and kayak groups: Locked cars are parked and left for the day, Quebec license plates with kayak racks, similar with bike racks.

5. Enforcement: Will take time; signage needed.

6. Suggest that permit be required.

Outcome of discussion: The commission will 1) pursue the signage as planned for the 2018 season (not executed this year as decision was made late in the season), and 2) evaluate the usage through mid-July and discuss at the July 2018 Recreation Commission meeting.

3) Treasurer’s Report: We are within our budget.

4) New business: Trails Project – Five residents expressed their interest in a South Hero Trail Network committee. Meeting set for November 2nd at 7:00p.m. at the Town Office.

5) Old business

A) Work Parties:

i. Skaters versus cattails at Rec Park pond – Sunday Oct. 22nd at 9:00 (Dave, Stefan, Mike)

ii. Boardwalk repairs – Sunday Oct. 22nd at 9:00 (Dave, Stefan, Mike)

iii. Swim buoys at White’s Beach – Carol will do.

B) Mowing upper field at SH Recreation park by school: Mike, Dave, and Andy met and agreed to mow an area for a small additional athletic field next to the exercise equipment area. Selectboard approved the plan. Once mowed, commissioners will review to see if leveling is needed.

C) Student member: Max still invited.

D) Pedestrian and bike crossing markings: Mike and Dave pursued marking the crossing with colorful, eye-catching artwork as has been done in other communities. Mike discussed with the state. There is an exemption required at the Federal DOT level, issued for a set period of time. Mike will submit exemption application form.

E) Eoana and Nancy Thank You dinner: Messages out and waiting for date and time suggestion from Nancy.

6) Other business – Rise Vermont, an organization that is present in schools to promote healthy choices, has a grant program the recreation commission might want to pursue. Grant amount is $1500. Opporyunity will be discussed at the November meeting.

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