November Meeting Minutes

November Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission meeting minutes, November 16, 2017

Welcome New Member Erin Morse !! Also present: Mike, Dave, (Stefan — virtual attendee)

1) October minutes approved
2) Treasurer’s Report: Expenditures as expected except Swim Program came in approximately $1000 higher this year. This is a good thing as it indicates higher number of children learning to swim.
Our flexible budget will suffice for remainder of this fiscal year’s programs
3) New Business
A) Budget proposal for 2018-2019 approved… to be submitted to Selectboard
Itemized Review = only change from past 2 years is increase for swimming

South Hero Recreation Commission Budget

Actual, 2017-2018 Proposed, 2018-2019

Swim Program $3000 $4000

Soccer Program $0 $0

Ice Skating $500 $500

Trails/SHPR $3300 $3300

Tryathalon $0 $0

White’s Beach $2000 $2000

Ski/Ride $1500 $1500

Scholarships $500 $500

Misc. Programs $200 $200

Totals $11,000 $12,000

B) Purchase of Pennies for youth basketball support approved — $54.99

C) Newly downed trees from recent high winds block Roy Marsh Trai — Dave will contact Highway Dept for help removing them from right of way

D) Question of whether Fall Soccer programs might be divided into South Hero and Grand Isle groups will be addressed with Grand Isle Recreation Committee. South Hero Rec has not weighed in on this nor initiated it as far as members know.

5) Old Business

A) Work Parties

i) Cattails Removal work party for the Folsom pond tentatively set for weekend of Dec 2-3… It’ll be wet and cool. High boots (or dry suit) suggested. More details to follow

ii) Roof repair for one of the shelters at the pond could be accomplished at the same party (Dec 2 or 3)

iii) Thanks to Carol, Roland, Dolf and Maryjane Wirsing for bringing in swim bouys and to MIke, Stafan and Max Bombec, and Dave for boardwalk repairs.

B) Mowing and grading the surface for an Upper playfield on Rec Path adjoining the exercise equipment was evaluated by our contracted trail/park mower, Butch Maxim. We will need some more appropriate equipment work before it can be mowed. Dave will contact the Highway Dept.

C) Trail network committee has started with some priorities for connecting trails and will work on details at next meeting, Thursday, December 7,at 7 PM at town office.

D) Max Bumbec officially appointed as Working Student Member (WORKING in capitals) of the Commission

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