May Meeting Minutes

May Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

May 25, 2017, 7pm, Town Office

Present: Dave Hobbs, Carol Tremble, Mike Wickenden, Tom Chagnon, Stefan Bumbeck, Karin Ames

Guest: Gerry Robinson

1) April Meeting Minutes: Reviewed and approved with one name spelling correction (sorry Tom!)

2) Public Input: Gerry presented several questions for consideration regarding White’s Beach as follows:

  • Parking – If only for town residents, who enforces? Are the restrictions 24/7 or are there exceptions? Will there be a sticker for cars?
  • Designated boat launch – Will there be a designated boat launch for GICSD/FD access for safety reasons?
  • Advertisement – Do you propose any advertisement around the new use rules?
  • Old signage/equipment – There is an old basketball hoop without a net, as well as some old signs that are out of date. Will we remove them?

Responses from the commission after conversation around each question:

  • Parking – The Selectboard approved the following signs to be posted: Parking for South Hero Residents and Guests Only. Tom will order 5 signs to be installed at the next work party. Enforcement will be provided as needed, based on respectful use of the park. Karin will request Sandbar State Park refrain from referring folks to the South Hero beach.
  • Boat Launch – Use will continue as is presently done.
  • Advertisement – Once parking signs are up, we will put out a notice in FPF and the Island to state the new rule and the rationale as 1) management of large unexpected groups, and 2) to prevent overflow users from area state parks.
  • Old signage and Bball net – Will be removed at the next work party.

General White’s Beach discussion:

Maintenance – Butch Maxham to continue to mow at White’s Beach and the SH Recreation Park on South Street for a reasonable price.

Buoys – To be put out on Monday, June 5th at 5:00pm.

3) Treasurer’s Report –

  • Mike proposed spending remaining funds on soccer goals for Folsom and recreation use. All agreed.
  • Tryathlon T-shirts – All agreed to go ahead with Karen McCloud’s proposal #1, S. Burlington pick-up. Karin to email Karen.
  • Tryathlon snacks & water – Tom will purchase.

4) New Business

A) The letter in support of the Tracy Woods/SHLT project has been sent out.

B) VTrans Bike&Ped grant – Dave attended the informational webinar and learned the grant cannot be used for trail work. Karin to call Jon Kaplan to confirm reasoning and to ask about use of funds for possible RRFB and crosswalk across South Street at the Route 2/South Street/Hill Road intersection.

C) South Street – Dave to ask Selectboard to consider sweeping.

5) Old Business

A) County Wide Rec Calendar – Stefan is working on this.

B) Student membership – We had no formal applicants. Max Bumbeck may join the next meeting.

C) July 4th Parade – Tom will review procedures at the next Selectboard meeting. Karin to forward names of new residents to Tom for possible judges.

6) Other business

A suggestion to add an additional sports field at the SH Rec Park near the exercise equipment is under consideration. Mike will walk with the Folsom phys. Ed. Teacher to investigate options.

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