June Meeting Minutes

June Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2017, 7pm, White’s Beach

Present: Dave Hobbs, Tom Chagnon, Stefan Bumbeck, Karin Ames

1) May Meeting Minutes: Reviewed and approved.

2) Public Input: None, though Dave and Julie Lane walked by and shared their enthusiasm for the improvements made to the beach area over the last few years – thanks Dave and Julie!

3) Treasurer’s Report – TBD in July.

4) Old Business

A) VTrans Bike&Ped grant –

Karin spoke to Jon Kaplan regarding both the use of a Bike&Ped grant for trail scoping/construction and a South Street RRFB and crosswalk.

1) Trails vs. sidewalk – The issue of using a Bike&Pedestrian grant for trails is less about surface than about use. They have granted funds for non-sidewalk surfaces before. The Bike&Ped program is for transportation use, not strictly recreation. So, if a plan is intended to ensure students could walk to school, say, versus simply connect natural areas around town for pleasure walking, then the plan might qualify for funds. Alternatively, we might pursue the Forest, Parks and Recreation grant, Recreation Trails Program. For the Bike&Ped (and likely for the other, though the requirements may differ) there will be ADA requirements, different from a sidewalk, but intentionally similar. Jon provided a few sources to investigate that (US Access Board and maybe the Forest, Parks and Rec web site), though there doesn’t seem to be one-stop-shopping for that answer. One of the qualified consultants from the state list might be consulted for answers particular to our plans.

Next steps: We will look into the Parks& Rec grant process and discuss at our next meeting.

2) South Street crossing. Jon reminded that RRFBs are only used at non-controlled points, i.e. not at a stop sign, light, etc. As there is a stop sign for vehicles coming from South Street onto route 2, a RRFB would not be indicated. In terms of a crosswalk, we might just ask the state transportation operations folks to mark one, if the space is in the state right-of-way, or our town highway folks could do it if on the town road portion.

Next step: Dave has asked John Beaulac to mark a crossing.

B) County-wide Recreation calendar: Stefan has the information and will post soon.

C) Student member of commission – Max B. is invited.

D) July 4th Parade – Tom has all in order.

E) Distribution of White’s Beach rules – Dave will ask the Selectboard to do this.

F) Sweeping of South St. – Dave will consult with John Beaulac.

G) Sports field in Rec Park – TBD at next meeting.

5) Work completed – Thanks Dave and Stefan for repositioning the buoys!! Also one Residents Only sign was installed on a tree; Dave will ask John Beaulac for stakes for installing the remaining 4 signs.

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