March Meeting Minutes

March Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting – March 24, 2016
1) Attendees: Thomas Chagnon, Mike Wickenden, Stefan Bumbeck, Dave Hobbs
2) Minutes from last meeting were unanimously approved
3) Treasury Report: Balance of $5 K for this year
       A) Planned spending…
                Sherrif’s R&R Camp for Kids grades 5-8    $500 for scholarships ($50 per kid)
                Sand for White’s Beach    Approximately $100-$200   **DAVE   will order
       B) Other possibilities…
                 Bleachers for Folsom soccer field    **STEFAN and **THOMAS   will look into
                 Scholarships for Activities in other towns in Grand Isle County
4) New Business
        A) Summer of 2016 Swimming Lessons
                 YMCA at Sandbar State Park… July 5-15   **MIKE   will continue to coordinate along with   **CAROL   for notification/advertising
        B) Countywide Recreation Programs
                  All towns are interested in combining some resources to improve recreational opportunities for our residents. Some ideas are listed. A county wide calendar is the simplest and most doable.   **STEFAN   will print it when pieces are submitted from each town.
            1) County-wide Calendar for Recreational Activities
                Town Website, Facebook Site, Newspaper (Islander primarily), Front Porch Forum
            2) Close communication between town Recreation Committees through the representatives at tonite’s meeting, primarily by e-mail
            3) Approach private tennis court owners about leasing court time through the recreation departments
            4) July 4 after the parades… softball tourney, etc at Donaldson Park
            5) Scholarships for county activities which are outside of resident town paid for by the town of residence
            6) “Frisbee Golf” course at Donaldson Park
            7) Kayak lessons at White’s Beach
            8) Concrete base for skating (winter ice and summer roller skating) in Alburgh.

5) Old Business

        A) Trails Update
                   Trail linking Landon Farm Trail parking area and Round Pond State Park has been proposed and is being considered by State and Vermont Land Trust
        B)  Flashing Crossing Signal Update
                    Permits are completed thanks to Karin.   **DAVE   will proceed with ordering the signals and installation

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