December Meeting Minutes

December Meeting Minutes

Minutes of December 15, 2016 meeting
         South Hero Recreation Commission
1) Members present : Eoana Sturges, Mike Wickenden, Dave Hobbs, Stefan Bombec (remotely)
2) Last minutes approved
3) New business
        A) July 4 Parade — Mike Bishop from the South Hero Fire Department was invited to discuss the July 4 Parade. Some communication issues regarding traffic were noted and will be worked out early this year. Tom Chagnon will be meeting with Mike next month.
        B) Recreation Park boardwalk repairs are needed. Two temporary “patches” have been inserted over boards with holes and this should be adequate to prevent injury until a number of weakened 2×6 pieces can be replaced in the Spring.
4) Treasurers report — Our esteemed treasurer formulated a revised budget which was unanimously approved by the committee. See Budget proposal below.
For this year, we will receive the 80% State Grant funding for the completed RRFB at the South St crossing of Rt 2. This will leave us with several thousand dollars for the remainder of fiscal year 2016-2017 as budgeted. (The Park and Ride project which was inadvertently included as an expense charged to our budget for this year has been correctly removed)
5) 2017-18 Budget — see Budget Below
6) Old Business
        A) Whites Beach
                 i) Signs — Before the 2017 beach season, by direction of the Selectboard, we will purchase and install 3 signs on the fence which separates the parking from the recreational area. They will read: Parking for South Hero Residents and their Guests Only. It should be noted that this is a trial designed to make sure South Hero residents have access to our beach park.
                 ii) Volleyball repairs — Post extensions and guy wires and a new net for the sand volleyball court will be installed in the Spring also.
                        (Double Work Party)
        B) Youth basketball — Well attended Saturday morning program run by Dylan Degree and parents emphasizing basic skills for children not yet old enough for school basketball teams. Financial support from the Rec Com is still available but doesn’t look like it’s needed.
        C) Fall Soccer review…  Very successful program… in fact, due to the large numbers of children, further dividing into manageable groups will need to be considered. With alternating town management, we will work closely with Grand Isle Rec on this as well as stipends for coaching and organizing positions for next Fall. Scholarships for South Hero resident children will continue to be offered by the SHRC as appropriate.
        D) Roy Marsh Trail maintenance — Gravel (“Surepak”) maintenance to the trail surface in order to smooth out very bumpy portions has been approved by the Selectboard pending application for and receipt of Trail Grant funding (matching portion by town). We have been contacted by volunteers for brush trimming (eg. Larry Chamberlin) and will resume that effort in the Spring.
        E) 2016 Ski Program — Ready to start the season at Smuggler’s Notch after the holidays. Transportation may be by private autos because of increased cost of bussing. As a town-sponsored recreation program, it is covered by Vermont League of Cities and Towns umbrella insurance. Scholarships and possible transportation support are available from us.
         F) Sandbar Swimming Lessons 2017… Mike will notify YMCA that we will be needing instructors for 3 sessions :
                 July 5-17,  July 18-29,  August 1-12
         G) Kids’ Tryathalon date : Sunday, August 27, 2017
 6) Other Business
         A) The cover of the next Town report will be a photo of White’s Beach with a statement of thanks to all the present and the many past members of the Recreation Commission. We will send out a list so that we all can add those names which might have inadvertently been left off as well as the paragraph lauding the Commission… for additions and/or corrections.

South Hero Recreation Commission Budget

Actual, 2016-2017                  Proposed, 2017-2018

Swim Program                         $3000                                         $3000

Soccer Program                             $0                                               $0

Ice Skating                               $1000                                           $500

Trails/SHPR                             $3300                                         $3300

Tryathalon                                      $0                                               $0

White’s Beach                          $2000                                          $2000

Ski/Ride                                   $1500                                          $1500

Scholarships                                   $0                                            $500

Misc. Programs                          $200                                            $200

Totals                                       $11000                                       $11000

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