March Meeting Minutes

March Meeting Minutes

South Hero Recreation Commission Meeting 3/19/15

Present: Dave H., Mike W., Eoana S., Karin A., Tom C., Stefan B., Nancy F.

Minutes from last meeting 2/19/15 approved

Treasurer’s Report: remaining money in budget is $9370.44 with 1 ski club day to go at approx. $1000.00; 2 invoices (3/5 and 3/18) approved for payment

New Business

  1. Camp Ingalls summer camps — Karin met with Mary Jo & Chip
    a. possible senior camp w/ transportation by CIDER; week of Aug 10-14, MWF 10am-4pm
    b. workshops would need instructors which could cost $800 unless we have volunteers; then with CIDER fee etc. total cost may be ~$2000.
    c. would people attend? Camp Ingalls is handicapped accessible; could have sign up deadline then cancel if not enough interest.
    d. need to decide if we have the people power to put this together; Mike can help with the website; we would hope to hire a director to do the rest
    e. kayak camp — if we want to run our own kayak camp at Camp Ingalls Chip needs to know for legal documentation of borrowing kayaks; and if we’re planning a S.H. camp we need to let Chip know our plan
  2. Scholarship for sports programs for individuals — after much discussion, group felt we need to use community funds for town recreation purposes, and not individual endeavors.
  3. Funding for R&R Camp scholarships — could be put in the budget and make an annual donation; all agreed

Old Business

  1. Iceskating update — “Little Pond Rink” has been used a lot; next year will do lighting
  2. Ski Program update — ski fund has served well; program has been going very well
  3. Swim Program
    a. currently scheduled for July 6-17 at Sandbar Beach 10am-12pm; not sure this is the best time (both for people’s schedules and for warmth), so will try to change that to 3pm-5pm.
    b. fee for children and grandchildren of residents will be $10/child, with rec comm covering the rest.
    c. members of rec comm will try to be present for at least the first few days; so everybody check your schedules
  4. Exercise equipment — Nancy will try to get info on installation

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