July Meeting Minutes

July Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting 7/20/15

Present: D. Hobbs, K. Ames, N. Frantz, M. Wickenden, S. Bumbeck

Minutes from last meeting approved
Treasurer’s Report: income of $16,244.00, spent $8,277.00, returned $8,017.00 to the town of S.H.; note that there will be no soccer income next year as it will be Grand Isle’s year…

New Business
A. Tryathlon Aug 23 10am (probably): refreshments — Nancy, T-shirts — Karin, road signs & traffic cones — Mike, police presence — Dave, pop-up tents — Nancy and Karin, posters — Stefan (Karin will send Stefan copy of last year’s poster), front porch forum — Karin

Old Business
A.Soccer Program — Maia will work with G.I.; Dave will talk with both
B. Trail Plan for new East Shore Vineyard — Ben (owner) is on board; Dave will talk with Emily Alger then we will come up with plan
C. Swim Program — appears to have gone well but survey results not in yet
D. Kayak Program — Mike will not have time so is defunct
E. Flashing Light (RRFB)— bike and pedestrian grant has been filed, will hear in Aug. if we received the grant. Dave will respond to misinformation posted on FPF
F. White’s Beach — looks great! Still need sand; Dave will work on that
a. grills — Mike has them; where to put them? will be placed in front of tree with “White’s Beach” sign, and tree with “No Parking” sign; picnic tables will be placed near grills
b. 4th of July Parade — nice work, Tom, for taking this on AND doing a FABULOUS job!

Other Business
Nancy Frantz will be resigning from this commission (with great sadness) as of 7/21/15