January Meeting Minutes

January Meeting Minutes

South Hero Recreation Commission Meeting 1/15/15

Present: Nancy F., Eoana S., Carol T., Mike W., Tom C., Stefan B., Karin A.

Public Input: none

Treasury Report: nothing new

Old Business

  1. ice skating 2015 — Karin will publicize on FPF after checking with Kim Julow; lights coming soon; Mike has put info on the website
  2. N. Hero Rec wants to better utilize Camp Ingalls. S. Hero Rec can; a) join existing camps
    b) offer our own camps in that space
    c) expand upon the existing offerings
    They are currently offering nature and story-telling camps, kayak camp at Knight’s Point; would like to add art camp and an additional kayak camp (they have 12 kayaks on a trailer). Another idea is to offer senior outings thru CIDER, then maybe the CIDER vans could be used to transport kids too? S. Hero Rec will commit to sponsoring at least 1 camp week ( something new if we can, or pre-existing)
  3. soccer program — “alternating years” plan has approval by all
  4. ski program waiver — select board sent waiver to attorney who revised it to all our satisfaction; now once selectboard approves it will be passed out at school

Other Business

  1. swim lessons — N. Hero Rec is doing survey on how people felt about swim lessons, so Mike has sent this out to S. Hero families as well; this will be good feedback for the YMCA; also, Grand Isle will not be participating in 2015 swim program
  2. need to finalize location of exercise equipment; waiting to hear from Barry at Outdoor Fitness regarding last piece of equipment; put on Feb agenda

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