September Meeting Minutes

September Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, September 15 2014

Present: Dave H., Skip B., Nancy F., Mike W., Carole T. ; Maia Skuteljensen, Louise Guillette (N.H. Rec Comm), MaryJo McCarthy (N.H. Rec Comm)

Minutes from meeting 8/21/14 approved

Public Input:

Maia expressed wish to have combined committees for youth programs. Discussed G.I. and N.H. sharing responsibilities and money (soccer program does make money). Would also like to involve Alburg. Consider county-wide youth programs? Will try to convene a committee to this end. MaryJo and Louise will discuss this with N.H. Rec Comm. Dave will also work on this; will contact Alburg too.

Treasurer’s Report:

Still trying to get stats on swim program, but did receive bill for 3 kids.

New Business

A. Ski Program 2015 (1-4)
Parent run club; all parents sign liability waiver; good parent support. As group grows need to consider a bus, but that can be problematic. If parents drive (which they are willing to do), need town to cover liability. Rec Comm will support this, just as we did for 5-8 program. Now need to send this to the select board — will be on the agenda for mon. 9/22.

B. Family Ski Program
Smuggler’s Notch offers town programs w/ discounted tickets every Sunday. Need someone to set this up — will put on website and ask ski club parents.

C. Summer Camps
MaryJo presented what N.H. has to offer with Camp Ingalls. They currently offer weeklong day camps including Nature Camp, Storytelling Camp, Kayak Camp etc.. Have room for more camps. Also, N.H. has kayaks on a trailer
that could be borrowed for S.H. rec opportunities. We will plan a field trip to Camp Ingalls in late Oct.

Old Business

A. Ski Program 2015 (5-8)
this program will be a school program

B. Soccer Program
Maia is in charge this year; Tony LaRose will be coaching.
Plans include : buying t-shirts, buying some new equipment, will increase Tony’s stipend from $850 to $1000. Need to hire a second coach, consider Tristan Hobbs, stipend $850.

C. Swim Program
Next year need to advertise more, and include pre-schools

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