October Meeting Minutes

October Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, October 23 2014

present: Dave H., Nancy F., Mike W.

Public Input: Caitlyn Brewer-Colie and Brian Costello for Local Motion

New Business

A. Local Motion
1. Local Motion has trail grant to work on the “Island Line” railbed that runs from Burlington to Quebec
2. L.M. has talked with property owners about right-of-way for Island Line with mixed reception
3. the new ferry at railed crossing had 12,000 riders; estimated $1.5-2 million annual economic impact to the region
4. Fish & Wildlife has relaxed about bike use of Roy Marsh trail, so L.M. will look to improve that trail with grants

B. What L.M. would like from Rec Comm
1. talk to landowners to see if more open to public use
2. look for helpful input in the town plan — Caitlyn will send suggestions for this
3. talk to F & W about improving the Roy Marsh trail

Old Business — not discussed due to lack of quorum

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