November Meeting Minutes

November Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, November 20 2014

Present: Dave H., Nancy F., Eoana S., Mike W., Karin C., Tom C., Stefan B.

1. Approval of minutes from 10/23/14 and 9/15/14

2. Public Input: none

3. Treasury Report: submitted and budget discussion followed

4. New Business

A. Welcome to new commissioners Tom and Stefan; farewell and HUGE thanks to Skip Brown — we will miss you terribly!
B. Budget
1) increase monies to ski/ride program to cover lift tickets for drivers; will allocate $1500.00
2) big expense for White’s Beach will be grassing over the road
3) need to share soccer money with G.I.; will consider alternate year sharing of liability and proceeds; Mike will talk with Maia to see if they want to cover next year.
4) need to consider money for new trail development

5. Old Business

A. Ice Skating Program — consider using lake access on Featherbed Lane; will want lighting — will be discussed at a future meeting
B. Fitness Stations
1) discussion of where stations should be installed; placement on trail at SHRP decided on
2) installation will happen in the spring; will need funds for that
C. Ski Program — participants should sign waiver (waiver to be reviewed by town lawyer)

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