May Meeting Minutes

May Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, May 15 2014

Present: Dave H., Eoana S., Mike W., Skip B., Carol T., Karin A., Nancy F.

Minutes from 4/17/14 approved

Public Input: none

Old Business:

A. White’s Beach

1. grassover in the fall
2. consider handicapped parking at west corner
3. telephone pole — scheduling removal has been difficult at best, but will happen end of June
4. beach sand when water level recedes
5. Mike and Dave to check FEMA work at windsurfer access

B. Fitness Equipment — still considering where to put it, but will buy now

C. Swim Lessons

1. new plan for pricing; cost will be shared 50/50 with parents; scholarships will be provided
2. 3 sites: Alburg Dunes, Knight’s Point, Sandbar Beach

D. South Hero Trail Network

1. need to see what transpires with the Lavin property
2. may be able to connect Roy Marsh Trail to Folsom School thru Steve Robinson property
3. trail walk of above Mon. 5/19 at 9am

E. July 4th Parade

1. David Sands will be asked to handle judging
2. need ribbons to award 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in multiple categories
3. National Guard Band will play!!!
4. Carol will ask Pam about fly-over
5. parade marshalls: Dave H. and Linda Coffin? Will ride bikes to lead the parade.
6. Ron Hackett will organize line-up — Skip and Nancy will help
7. Karin will call sheriff regarding road closing etc.
8. contest ongoing for parade theme; back-up plan : Energy — Past, Present, and Future

F. Ice Rink — considering relocation

New Business:

A. Golf Pro Matt Engberg should be here next meeting

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