June Meeting Minutes

June Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, June 19 2014

Present: Mike W., Dave H., Karin A., Nancy F.

Minutes from 5/14 approved

Old Business

A. July 4th parade

1. marching band all set
2. start organizing at 10 am; Skip and Nancy will be there
3. Dave will ask Elizabeth Andrews to be Grand Marshall
4. David Sands has selected judges; Mike will give him the ribbons

B. White’s Beach

1. looks great!
2. Skip will be responsible for sand ( in a few weeks), and will look for a better quality of sand

C. Swim Program

1. Mike will check sign-up numbers, and promote as needed

New Business

A. Tryathlon — Aug 24th

Other Business: July meeting will be via email; next physical meeting Aug 18th

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