April Meeting Minutes

April Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, April 17 2014

Present: Nancy F., Skip B., Karin C., Mike W.

Minutes from 2/14 approved

Old Business

A. White’s Beach

  1. telephone pole will be moved within the next couple weeks
  2. grass-over in the fall
  3. sand to be put down in June

B. Rec Park fitness stations — needs to be discussed at May meeting

C. So. Hero trail network — needs to be reworked when it’s wet

D. Swim Lessons

  1. will be at 3 venues: Alburg Dunes, Knight’s Point, Sandbar Beach
  2. So. Hero town will pay for So. Hero residents only
  3. next year consider doing 50/50 payment with parents — will see if it’s too late to do so this year

New Business

A. Lavin Property — Mike will go to Mon. meeting

B. July 4th Parade

  1. Milton band can’t do it
  2. need to get written info from Pam Allen; need point-person on this — Dave??

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