May Meeting Minutes

May Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, May 9 2013
Present: Dave H., Eoana S., Mike W., Skip B., Nancy F.

1. Minutes approved from 3/13
2. Public Input: none
3. Treasurer’s Report; need to prioritize spending i.e.:

  1. hay bales and sand for White’s Beach
  2. sign for SHRP
  3. soccer shelters
  4. sign for Whit’s Beach
  5. bridge for Knee-deep Trail
  6. ice-cream party for W.B. volunteer clean-up crew

4. New Business

a. Roy Marsh Trail — Rec Comm. will be stewards for the town

5. Old Business

a. Swim Program — all lessons will be at Sandbar State Park; cost for park use is $100.00/wk shared by So. Hero and G.I.
b. SHRP —

  1. consider starting fitness stations next year; plan is to purchase manufactured vs homemade, will last longer and be safer
  2. mowing — need 1 mower width each side of trail without driving on trail; Skip will talk with John Beaulac about approximately 3 mowings/summer
  3. trail sign — no news to report

c. Tryathlon — date set for Sunday Aug 25; considering adding adult version, Dave will get reading on volunteers and participants
d. White’s Beach —

  1. road diversion hopefully before 5/23
  2. Tim Maxham made us 8 bales, Dave Lane will wrap them soon
  3. buy sand to put on beach, maybe 2 loads this year
  4. want to add sign to back of current sign, approx. cost $800.00

e. Knee-deep Trail — Skip met w/ Jim Wood about downed trees; need to also check w/ Dave Fifield; need to build bridge over small creek and brush-hog
f. Soccer Shelter — very nice design by Mike W. ; need shopping list of materials and estimate

6. Other Business

a. Skating Rink — bill from Scott Sabourin for liner etc. and bill from Teri Geney for sign need to be paid
b. Baby-sitting Course — could be a good thing for town to offer; getting more info from Jocelyn Smith

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