March Meeting Minutes

March Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, March 21 2013

Present: Mike W., Dave H., Skip B., Nancy F.

1. Minutes approved from 2/13

2. Public Input: none

3. Treasurer’s Report:

a. Mike W. has been reimbursed for ski program and White’s Beach clean-up program
b. Dave presented bill for sign at ice-skating rink; Mike will give it to town; will be more bills coming
c. Trail grant monies will be forthcoming — hopefully within 1 mo.
d. Cost of sign for SHRP still being determined

4. State Roy Marsh Trail

a. town renewed 10 year lease
b. Rec Path group has disbanded, so maintenance may be under our stewardship

5. Old Business

a. Zumba — classes continue, Nancy will check in with Jennifer Olson about class participation
b. Ice Rink — should we continue it? expenses will be less next year; weather was not the best this year…; town did approve lighting; Stowe may have a cooling system available, Dave will look into it.
Town may store rink in big old storage shed on rt 2.
c. SHRP — Terry Robinson may help with sign giving credit to the scouts who helped build the trail
d. Ski Program — has been a huge success; will plan on supporting this program again next year; full report will be in a forwarded attachment

6. Other Business

a. Eoana and Nancy’s terms are up this year; must re-apply
b. soccer shelters still need to be planned and built; will check with Mike O’Hara

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