June Meeting Minutes

June Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Minutes
Regular Meeting of June 20, 2013
South Hero Town Hall, Monday 7:00 PM

Board Present: David Hobbs, Skip Brown, Eoana Sturges, Mike Wickenden

1. Called to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Chairman David Hobbs at 7:10 pm.

2. Minutes:

Skip made a motion to accept the minutes of the regular May meeting as written, seconded by Eoana, All so voted and the motion carried.

3. Public input: None

4. New Business:

A. Mike discussed the treasury report. The Rec. Comm. did not spend its entire budget, so approx. $2600.00 will be surplus for the 2013/2014 town coffers.
B. Dave would like to see the lease agreement for the Roy Marsh Trail and Skip will get a copy to him.
C. The materials for the soccer shelter have been ordered. The plan is to have Greg Smith supervise a volunteer work party to get it built.
D. A sign has been ordered for the north side of the White’s Beach sign support.
E. A sign has been ordered for the SHRP trail.
F. There is little support for an adult portion of the Tryathalon, so it will be for kids only as in the past few years.
G. Swim buoy makers need to be installed. Due to the high water, our anchors may be buried. Mike will look for them. If not found, we may have to buy cement blocks and make new ones. Maybe Tuesday June 25 for installation. Emails will be sent around to plan a date.
H. For the summer, the Rec. Comm. would like to change the day of the meeting. Eoana will check with Nancy to see what night may work for her.

8. Adjournment:

Mike made a motion to adjourn at 7:40 pm, seconded by Skip. All so voted and the motion carried.

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