July Meeting Minutes

July Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, July 16 2012

Present: Dave H., Mike W., Skip B., Nancy F., Eoana S.

1. Minutes approved from 6/12

2. Public Input: family present at White’s Beach (meeting was held at White’s) said they are LOVING the new beach arrangement.

3. Treasurer’s report: $200.00 balance from last year’s budget Now operating on FY 2013, as of 7/1/12.

4. Zumba: Nancy needs to get check from Sharon for church donation. Will invite Jennifer Olson to next meeting 3rd thurs of Aug.

5. Old Business

A. White’s Beach

1. signage — will explore making it double-sided

2. new fence — will be straighter, keep walkways where they are, needs to be mowed

3. need more picnic tables, Skip will order 2

B. TRYathlon

1. Aug 25 at 10 am; Ken and Nancy will do drinks and snacks, Lisa will do water bottles and shirts, Dave will write article for the paper and ask Terry Robinson for volunteers to help

C.SHRP Trail Grant

1. letters have been sent to the state grant folks — no response thus far; plan is to get bids in Aug.

2. Mike Sturges was kind enough to make new maps

6. New Business

A. Laser Tag

1. Nancy will talk with Sue about when gym could be available; consider 2 nights before school starts — maybe Aug 27 5:30-7:30??

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