January Meeting Minutes

January Meeting Minutes

South Hero Rec. Commission Meeting, January 16 2012

Present: Skip Brown, Eoana Sturges, Mike Wickenden, Dave Hobbs
Alan Pidgeon of Engineers Construction, Inc. and resident of South Hero

1. December’s Meeting Minutes Approved

2. Old Business

A) SHRP Recreational Trail: 2 bids were received on time (Jan 5) and were opened at tonight’s meeting. Both bids were for higher cost than was budgeted for. Both were made for 12 inches thickness of Surpak type material with cost calculated per foot of trail as was requested at the site walk. Appearance of conflict of interest: Owner of one of the bidding companies works for the town highway department. We will return to the Selectboard next week for advice on how to proceed.

B) Smoke Free Park: Clean air and litter are the issues. Six towns in Vermont have smoke free parks; State Parks are moving in that direction (State offers free signs). Commissioners agree that our parks should also be smoke free. Enforcement would have to be public rather than law enforcement. Will take to Selectboard.

C) White’s Beach reroute: Petition to Selectboard to have a vote on the one-season trial of temporary reroute is looming. If so, stronger efforts to educate townfolk to the true nature of this proposal are in order.

D) Next year’s budget proposal apparently passed scrutiny of Selectboard.

3. New Business

A) Website: Mike demonstrated features of our new website which will be operating soon. Commissioners will be able to add articles. He’s waiting on some articles about our programs and would especially like photos.

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