August Meeting Minutes

August Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, August 16 2012

Present: Dave H., Mike W., Skip B., Nancy F.

1. Public input from Jennifer Olson

2. Minutes from July meeting approved

3. Old Business

A. Zumba

1. Jennifer Olson reports the class is going well; average attendance 5-10; will advertise for fall and winter, expect numbers to increase.

2. Donation request from the church $30 per month; Nancy has talked to Margaret who will do up paperwork to submit to Sharon Roy. Suggested to Jennifer that if class size increases we may ask her to contribute toward that donation.


1. grant update: will advertise for bids in Aug. for trail construction, may put ads in Seven Days or Burlington Free Press. Dave will call previous bidders.

C. White’s Beach

1. “crew bags” are great! fence looks super!

2. sign improvement — make it double-sided. Anne Zolatas offered to paint it, Skip will talk w/ her about it.

3. hay bales go back to Dave Lane, hopefully to be re-wrapped for next year; Nancy will talk with Dave about that, and he should submit a bill. (not for talking to Nancy, but for the bales…)

4. consider buoy removal Tues. Sept 4

D. Soccer Program

1. Cynthia O’Hara has it up and running

E. Laser Tag

1. Too much going on right now, consider planning an event in conjunction with Halloween Trunk or Treat

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