April Meeting Minutes

April Meeting Minutes

South Hero Rec. Commission Meeting, April 19 2012

Members Present : Skip Brown, Mike Wickenden, Dave Hobbs

1. March Minutes Approved

2. Old Business

A) SHRP – It was agreed that we will request new bids for the original trail plan which was approved by the State and included the “burrito wrap” technique for the wet areas. This portion of the plan was not discussed with bidders nor was it included in the bids, none of which were within budget. In the original approved plan the amount of “surepak” material is considerably less than was in the previous instructions on which the initial bids were based. Requests for bids will also be advertised over a larger area in an attempt to get at least one bid within budget.

B) White’s Beach temporary reroute – plans are going well. Refer to spread sheet. Thanks to Skip for obtaining some of the fencing needed from the State. Thanks to Will Maxham for removing old fence.

C) Zumba classes in South Hero – status uncertain but commission agreed to support by e-mail.

D) Ski/Snowboard program – Mike is in touch with organizers for 4 weekly low cost lessons for children at Smuggler’s resort. Possibility of Rec Com support of some “scholarships” based on need is being considered.

E) Summer Swim Program – Dave will be in touch with the YMCA and Grand Isle Rec Committee.

New Business

A) Kids’ Tryathalon – Committee will be reformed soon for August event.

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