Rec Commission Meetings

The Recreation Commission meets every other month on the 2nd Thursday at 7pm, at White’s Beach in the summer (weather permitting), or otherwise at the South Hero town office.

Meetings are open to the public, & we welcome any ideas or comments. Please see meeting minutes & the current agenda below. If minutes are missing for any particular month, the Rec. Commission meeting was most likely not held that month.

2020 Minutes, Trail Subcommittee Meeting, October 8, 2020
   Attendees: Guy Maguire, Bridgette Kerr, Susan Ryan, Peter O’Malley, Chuck Hulse, Carol Tremble, Dave Hobbs
1) Working Groups
     A) Landowner Approach
          i) Priority #1 and #2 Trails (#1 – school to library, #2 – school to Landon farm Trail and “old town dump”)
                a) Jeff Sikora continues to be optimistic regarding possibilities that buyers of Lavin properties may like trails. Publicity group will compose a brochure for distribution to potential buyers.
          ii) Priority #3 Trail (Tracy Rd to South St)
                 a) Verbal agreements made with 2-3 landowners for trail easements accessing South St near the school – route tentative thus far
          iii) old town dump
                 b) potential for bicycle park discussed… bicycle access thru Lavin property may be problematic (see item #1A1a)
    B) Trail Maintenance
           i) Keeler Bay Park — successful Trail Committee work party recently … partial clearing of trall plus picnic table and short boardwalk makes it usable now. More boardwalk and trail clearing work pending… possibly put notice in FPF for next work party
         ii) Roy Marsh Trail — Chuck has kept trailbed well mowed. Brush is encroaching on the sides in some places. Small eroded area requires a gravel patch.
     C) Publicity / Community Buy-in — see 1Aia
     D) Grants
     E) New Group – Trails and Maps
2) Volunteers for Groups suggested – email your choice(s)
Agenda, Recreation Commission Meeting, Thursday, November 14, 7 PM, Town Office
Warning:  BUDGET MEETING – Could last longer than usual
A) Review of September minutes
B) Public Input
C) New Business (we’ll go to C-1 whenever Keagan arrives)
1) Coordinating Activity Info with Library — “Community Calender”
2) 2019-20 Ski/Ride Program for Grades 1-4
D) Treasurer’s Report
*** 2020-2021 Budget … TO BE PRESENTED TO SELECTBOARD, NOV 25
Please refer to draft below… as a starter
E) Old Business
1. Tweaking the White’s Beach Parking Status Report (from Sept minutes)
In anticipation of text for “Town Report” as well as for Selectboard Discussion
2. Off-school playground equipment
3. Whites Beach swim buoys status
F) Other Business