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Permanent Reroute Update

In the two months since South Hero voters approved the permanent reroute plan, what has happened? Lots of phone calls to Fairpoint, but not much else (yet). Everything is on hold until Fairpoint gets around to moving the utility pole at the east end of the park farther back. Right now the pole is only…
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Permanent Reroute Approved

On Tuesday March 4, South Hero voters approved the permanent reroute of West Shore Rd at White’s Beach by a wide margin with ~70% approval. The Rec. Commission is excited to begin coordinating the road switch with the Selectboard & Road Crew. Then we’ll start working to turn the old road bed into a much…
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2013 Tryathlon Info

The South Hero “TRY”athlon is a free all-ages celebration of physical fitness that involves a canoe/kayak OR swim, then bike and run. The 2013 Tryathlon will be held on Sunday August 25th at White’s Beach, with registration at 10 AM, & the events will start around 10:30. There are two age groups: under 7 and…
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Ready For Summer

The sand is back on the beach, picnic tables are out, the volleyball court is ready & West Shore Road has been rerouted around back of the beach area. The swim lines will be out as soon as the weather warms up again, probably the week of May 27th. Enjoy the summer!

Cedar Fence Is In!

The new cedar rail fence is in! Thanks to Mike White & crew of White’s Fencing, Starksboro.

White’s Beach Steward Program

Starting in August 2012, The Rec. Commission is starting a “Steward Program” for families & people who visit White’s Beach regularly. Anyone interested will receive a tote bag with trash bags, gloves & a surprise (hint: involves ice cream). White’s Beach has a “carry-in carry-out” policy for trash, but during the busy summer months, trash…
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Cedar Fence Coming Soon

The temporary orange fencing is slowly being wrecked by strong winds — particularly the sections that we obtained from the State for free, that were already well worn. The 50+ mph winds from the July 4th thunderstorm were especially damaging. We’ve been out to repair the orange fence several times, but it’s a losing battle.…
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Reroute Plan Approved by Town Voters

Turns out the third time was the charm & the White’s Beach plan was approved by South Hero voters yesterday, 352 for to 215 against! Thank you to everyone who voted. We are excited that the community gave us the opportunity to try something new this summer. There will be things we can keep improving,…
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Petition For Town Meeting Vote

At the January 23rd Select Board meeting, a petition was presented that may put the White’s Beach reroute plan up for a vote at the South Hero Town Meeting. While we respect the petition signers, the fact is the reroute plan will not add any cost whatsoever to the 2012-2013 town budget. The current reroute…
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White’s Beach Reroute Trial Plan

On December 12 2011, the Select Board approved our plan to re-route West Shore along White’s Beach for a 3-month trial later this summer, between Memorial Day & Labor Day. Why: The re-route is being done to improve safety between beachgoers (particularly children) & cars driving along West Shore Rd. The current situation where children…
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