Ice Skating

For 2016, skating is at the pond out behind the Folsom parking lot, along the South Hero Rec. Path.

The Folsom pond is  CLOSED FOR SKATING  for the summer.

Skating is unsupervised and “at your own risk”.
Helmets are strongly advised.

Make sure to check the pond ice for safety before skating.

If you go on the ice without skates, please make sure to clean any mud & gravel from your boots.

Any questions, feel free to use the public comment form below or send us a note by email.

The previous hockey rink was too hard to manage at Folsom. Lack of an adequate water supply was the main issue & the wide temperature fluctuations didn’t help things.

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  1. Justin says:

    Is the “Free Skate” times also no stick or puck? Or is it optional during those times?


    • Mike says:

      Hey Justin, thanks for the question. The Free Skate times are anything goes. Please just use common sense — if there are a bunch of little kids skating, save the hockey/speed skating/etc practice for another time. We’d love to not have to make the schedule more restrictive unless we really need to. This is the first year for the rink & we’re going to see how this works out.

      Also if you’re there during a “no stick/puck” time & no one else is skating, then of course feel free to do whatever you want… Have fun.

      EDIT: I added a note below the schedule about what we mean by “free skate”, thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Judith says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much for bringing this to our community! We cannot wait to work with our little ones on the ice!!

  3. Sarah Tremble says:

    Jack and I skated today at the rink and it was great! Just a few things I noticed…the door to enter the rink was jammed shut (frozen?) and we had to use the side door, which was OK b/c I brought a chair. I love the set up with the bench and carpet…very convenient! So I wish the door could have been able to open. Also, they was a substantial hole in the ice…we tried to fill it with snow so no one would trip on it. Who is maintaining the ice? We are so excited that there is an ice rink in South Hero! Just another wonderful addition to a great community!

    • Mike says:

      Hi Sarah, thanks for the comments. The rink is maintained by a group of volunteers with help from the Grand Isle & South Hero fire departments. I’ll make sure they know about the hole & the stuck door if they don’t know already. High 40s on Wednesday, we’ll see how the ice holds up…

    • Mike says:

      Reply from the ice rink crew: Door needs a jiggle.. We left blocks of wood in case it needs a thump. Lots of volunteers stepping forward for ice crew… Scotty, Mike and Justin zambonied the ice this afternoon. Lots of late night shoveling and patching is occurring.

      • Mike says:

        More from the ice rink crew: The latch is very finicky, but if you push down on the left side while pulling up on the right (Basically twisting it), it should open easily. We’ll try to fix it & post a note at the door in the meantime. Thanks for letting us know!

  4. Susan says:

    Found out about the rink in the Islander, my 2 granddaughters and I always count the days so that we can skate at North Hero and now there is another option for us. This is wonderful thank you so much!!

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