Month: May 2014

May Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, May 15 2014 Present: Dave H., Eoana S., Mike W., Skip B., Carol T., Karin A., Nancy F. Minutes from 4/17/14 approved Public Input: none Old Business: A. White’s Beach 1. grassover in the fall 2. consider handicapped parking at west corner 3. telephone pole — scheduling removal has been difficult at…
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Permanent Reroute Update

In the two months since South Hero voters approved the permanent reroute plan, what has happened? Lots of phone calls to Fairpoint, but not much else (yet). Everything is on hold until Fairpoint gets around to moving the utility pole at the east end of the park farther back. Right now the pole is only…
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April Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, April 17 2014 Present: Nancy F., Skip B., Karin C., Mike W. Minutes from 2/14 approved Old Business A. White’s Beach telephone pole will be moved within the next couple weeks grass-over in the fall sand to be put down in June B. Rec Park fitness stations — needs to be discussed…
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