Month: July 2012

White’s Beach Steward Program

Starting in August 2012, The Rec. Commission is starting a “Steward Program” for families & people who visit White’s Beach regularly. Anyone interested will receive a tote bag with trash bags, gloves & a surprise (hint: involves ice cream). White’s Beach has a “carry-in carry-out” policy for trash, but during the busy summer months, trash…
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Cedar Fence Coming Soon

The temporary orange fencing is slowly being wrecked by strong winds — particularly the sections that we obtained from the State for free, that were already well worn. The 50+ mph winds from the July 4th thunderstorm were especially damaging. We’ve been out to repair the orange fence several times, but it’s a losing battle.…
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June Meeting Minutes

Recreation Commission Meeting, June 21 2012 Present: Skip Brown, Eoana Sturges, Dave Hobbs 1. Minutes from May meeting were approved. 2. Old Business A) SHRP: Eoana arranged for Dave and Mike (Sturges) to meet and revise the trail map to resubmit to the state with the proposed changes. B) White’s Beach: Swim buoys out. Fencing…
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